Flying Commercial Vs. Flying Private

Before reading on, please note:

The average commercial airline ticket within USA including the pet fee ranges from: $600-$1,000

The average price for a private plane within the USA including your pets: $5,000-$35,000 each direction.


Private Jet Charter with dogs

Thanks again for visiting our page! We can arrange your flights throughout the world. When using our service you will accompany your pet to the destination of your choice in a private plane or helicopter (unless you are sending your exotic via private cargo). The pricing and experience for this service cannot be compared to commercial flights as you are renting the entire plane to yourself, or course flown by professional pilots! However, to help with your research we have detailed some key differences for you below:

Traveling via Commercial Airlines

When flying on a commercial airline with your pet, you may be required to crate your pet and even sedate it as well for the duration of the flight. This is potentially harmful and unsafe for your pet’s health. Depending on your pets size, it may also be restricted to flying in the cargo compartment with the rest of your luggage where temperatures and conditions may be unsuitable and dangerous.

Although the Animal Welfare Act requires temperatures to be at a safe level, they do fluctuate and as most have experienced, the air can be turned off while we are sitting in our seats getting ready to push away from the gate before our flight if there are delays. The Humane Society recommends that you do not transport your pet by airplane unless absolute necessary as many breeds are vulnerable to oxygen deprivation and heat stores.

The Humane Society has even indicated on their website:

“Animals flown in the cargo area of airplanes are killed, injured, or lost on commercial flights each year. Excessively hot or cold temperatures, poor ventilation, and rough handling conditions are often to blame.”

Checking in for a commercial flight with a pet:

When you arrive at the airport you must pay extra for your pet to fly in the cargo compartment (similar to a bag). You will need to have them crated and leave them at the bag drop area with the bag handlers. They will be taken in a baggage cart from the inside of the airport to outside and placed inside the cargo compartment where they will wait until the flight departs. The same process when you land. Your pet will be inside their crate for hours. Hopefully there are no delays and hopefully the bag handlers do not mistreat your pet.

Cessna Citation X with pets in Raleigh NC

Traveling via Private Plane

When traveling on a private plane with your pet, if he/she is well behaved they will be on their normal every day leash. If you feel more comfortable with them in a pet bag/or travel crate this is acceptable for smaller pets, or larger pets on larger private jets.

Generally during your flight, the pet will be within the cabin sitting next to you. This means they will be within the same climate (temperature and pressure) that you are experiencing during flight. Since they will not be in a cargo compartment or handled by baggage handlers on an assembly line/conveyor belt they will also experience much less stress sitting by your side. Normally this will also help keep you and your other passengers more relaxed during the flight as well, since this will offer a peace of mind. These are the major components to keeping your pet as safe as possible when traveling.

Checking in for your private flight with a pet is simple!

You simply arrive to the airport 15-20 minutes before your departure time and we can even have your car drive directly up to the plane in many cases. If you are flying internationally or with an exotic animal you will be required to provide the pilots with any legally required documents for your animal permits or medical papers.

Most private airports will have no bag checks, and no security lines. Flying private with a pet is stress free.

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