What Types Of Pets Do You Fly?

Our website was created for all animal lovers that travel or will be relocating with their pets. For some individuals and families, crating their pet in the cargo hold of an airline is just not acceptable.

Dog Laying On Bed In Private Jet

Private Jets For Pets can help you travel with a greater peace of mind. We have not only worked with individuals and families with pets, but also with major zoo’s, aquariums, exotic animal keepers.

Some breeds are too large, or maybe have breathing problems at high altitude. Flying pets in private jets will be a much more comfortable and safer way to transport your pets when compared to “Crating and sedating”.

 Types Of Animals

Domestic house pets, show animals, and service animals are regularly flown on private air charters. This is referencing the typical cats, dogs, and birds.

Flying with Wild & Exotic Animals

Wild & Exotic animals can also be flown in private jets as well, but may required crating and special accommodations.  In order to fly with these animals we may ask you to supply all legally required documents prior to boarding, along with certificate of ownership.

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