What Is The Cost To Fly Private?

Ever wonder how much it costs to fly on a Private Jet with your pets? Private Jet Charter for Pets does not have a standard rate. Every flight is different and pricing will depend on many factors. Some of the variables will include: Aircraft Type, Routing, Passenger Count, Pet Type.

Our pricing cannot be compared to flying commercial on an airline as we will be significantly more expensive to fly your pet on a private plane. When using our service you will be chartering the entire plane just for your flight. Private airplanes can range from as many as 19 seats and as few as 2 seats. We also arrange cargo aircraft for larger animals such as Show/Race Horses, Elephants, Livestock. Additionally, if you have a larger group, we can also help you book a private charter on a regional airliner with us many as 150 seats for larger groups.

For passengers relocating or vacationing we can arrange commuter style aircraft to be as economical as possible and for those looking to have the luxury experience we can arrange for ultra luxury posh aircraft. This will all depend on your budget. Pricing starts off at just a few thousand for interstate flights and increases from there.

We are happy to provide a quote estimate for your flight. Please just call or email with your request.

Sample Prices for Chartering a Private Jet
RoutingGroup SizeSuggested AircraftPrices Start At
New York Metro – Los AngelesGroup of 6-10 + petsSuper-mid/Heavy Jet$28,000 – $40,000 USD each direction
South Florida to New York MetroGroup of 4-6 + petsLight Jet$12,000 – $15,000 USD each direction
Houston/Dallas to Costa RicaGroup of 4-6 + petsMidsize Jet$25,000 – $30,000 USD each direction
New York Metro to U.K. / France / ItalyGroup of 1-14 + petsHeavy Jet$100,000 – $150,000 USD each direction

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